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ella evans

Alexander Segal

Two Miniatures for Piano

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I'm 11 years old and I play the piano and the viola. I enjoy composing works for the piano, chamber music, EDM, and game music. My favourite composers are Mozart, Bach and Chopin.

In 2019 I self-published _'10 Before 10'_ a collection of 10 pieces for the piano. _'Sneak Kiddy'_ and _'Theo is a Cat' _have been premiered at student recitals and ‘ _Rondo_ ’ has been workshopped by a string quartet.

I attend Virtual School Victoria and my favourite subjects are Chemistry, Maths Methods and French. I love cooking treats and my goal for 2020 is to build my own computer from scratch. I have two rabbits, Buttercup and Dimples. They inspire many of my pieces.

Movement I – Fantasia: _How humans feel in lockdown_

Key of D minor, the main theme is agitated and moody. The repeating theme creates a feeling of being trapped in an endless loop.

Movement II – Bunny Waltz: _How bunnies feel in lockdown_

Key of D Major, the mood is uplifting and joyful because the bunnies are happy to get extra pats from the humans who are stuck at home.

Both movements are heavily influenced by Chopin.