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ella evans

Michael de Huy


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I'm a 17 y.o composer, improviser and pianist. I really love cooking and fermenting as hobbies other than music, as well as having a general love for many forms of art, especially visual. I also really enjoy studying literature. Huge love for discussing my interests with other likeminded people, and I really want there to be more free improvisation in the world!

**An introduction to a larger work in progress for dance choreography at my school. It evokes a sense of emergence and ascendance elucidated by gradual swells in texture and the high registers the excerpt reaches- all accompanied by drones as a point of reference. It draws influence from sounds of the Australian bush and Aboridginal music with use of idiophone percussion to imitate nature. Use of raised 4ths, 5ths and 6ths in the harmony mirror the rise of dynamics, textural thickness, and tone colour brightness as the excerpt progresses. Therefore, the ascending quality is motivic, illuminated through numerous musical elements.**

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