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ella evans

Jacinta Dinh, Scarlet Harrison and Sonia Rapota

what i want

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We are all Year 9 students at MGGS, where we really enjoy composition and have had a lot of fun composing our piece, 'what i want'. Jacinta plays the Piano and Violin, Scarlet the Euphonium and Trombone, while Sonia plays the Piano. Jacinta's other hobbies include debating, Scarlet's cooking and Sonia's tennis.

During our composition journey, we tried to incorporate a lot of our different tastes of music. We went for a more r&b approach for the verses, where the chorus had a more hip-hop and 'catchy' vibe. The pre-chorus and 3rd verse/bridge had a more expressive tone. The bridge was the climax of the piece, and in the story, is the part where the 'girl' was being very emotional. The story is about a girl who is trying to get over a relationship and by the end of the song she does. Through the lyrics, we portrayed a girl who first thought she needed a man in her life, but during the song she discovers that she wants to 'forget about him and thats what she wants', where she learns she, as a woman can stand by herself strongly. We connect with these song by not necessarily about dating relationships, but by how we can stand by ourselves and we should be forward about 'what we want'. All of us contributed in every aspect. However, Scarlet took the main role of lyrics and Jacinta the melody and
accompaniment, Sonia helped in both parts. The Violin and Trombone part adds a different level of dimension and uniqueness to the piece, although it may not seem to be playing a lot.

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