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Bachelor of Music

AGE's Bachelor of Music degree is a broad-scope degree for aspiring professional musicians and specialised music teachers. 

The course is designed to introduce students to the broadranging opportunities that exist for a portfolio career in music, while also giving them the opportunity to specialise in their particular area  of  interest. 


All students are exposed to the disciplines of Performing, Instrumental/Vocal Teaching, Music Technology, Music Business/Arts Management, Composition and Musicianship. 

You can access the Course Brochure here.

For International Students please download the International Student Handbook here.

3 Years Full Time
Part Time available for Domestic Students


July 22nd 2023

On Campus & Digital Learning

Flexible entry pathways with Auditions & RPL
Competitive International Fees
FEE-HELP available
 for Domestic Students


Elective Specialisations

The Bachelor of Music consists of core subjects and three elective specialisations; Composition, Performance and Music Pedagogy(teaching). 

Specialise in Performing

Specialise in Composing

Specialise in
Music Teaching

Why choose AGE?

At AGE, our students are informed by music from the past, the present and music from around the world.  At AGE they will gain the capacity to work creatively, musically and intelligently with the realities of professional practices in the global music industry. Students develop the facility to respond quickly and meaningfully to the innovations and changes that will characterise their careers in music and the creative arts in the future.

  • AGE graduates are fully prepared for further higher study and a range of employment contexts.

  • AGE aims to be a leader in global education and musical inclusivity. We deliver our program to students engaged in on-campus and blended modes of study - exactly the way that we work in the music industry. This flexible course of study equips graduates with a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning and music making.

  • AGE has the resources, staff expertise and facilities to create dedicated and successful musicians, developing and preparing them for entry into a rewarding fulfilling life-time career.


The first year of the Bachelor of Music provides a broad introductory level of knowledge and awareness of music performance, theory and historical contexts and practical skills. The second year builds an advanced framework of knowledge and skills. While the final year enables students to choose a specialisation, and prepare for entry on a professional basis to workforce engagement and further study.

In this way, students receive a broad musical education but can still specialise in an area of particular interest. 

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