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Bachelor of Music

We now have three specialisations for our Bachelor of Music; Performance, Instrumental/Vocal Teaching and Composition. Learn from the best and advance your skills from our core disciplines of Performance, Pedagogy, Musicology, Business Fundamentals, Musicianship and Technology and Composition.

3 Years Full Time
Up to 10 years Part Time

January 23rd 2023
May 15th 2023
September 4th 2023

Live Online
Flexible entry pathways
FEE-HELP available
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The Bachelor of Music is arranged into three specialisations of musical study, each of which underpins the necessary knowledge and practice to become a working musician.
Our Pathway Courses and Short Courses derive from the same disciplines.
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Specialisation in Instrumental/ Vocal Performance

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Specialisation in Composition


Specialisation in Instrumental/Vocal Teaching

Dual Specialisations


Specialisation in Instrumental/ Vocal Performance & Instrumental/Vocal Teaching


Specialisation in Instrumental/Vocal Performance & Composition


Specialisation in Instrumental/Vocal Teaching & Composition

Why choose the Australian Guild of Music?

Study at your own speed

Learn from the Best

Recognition of Prior Learning

Competitive on 

Online, Flexible Study

Choice of Traditional Instruments

Keep your own instrumental teacher

Fully Accredited

career opportunities

Our graduates are set up for success in the live performance and arts industries on a global scale. With knowledge in our key 4 areas of Musicianship, Performance & Teaching, Modern Music Creation and Music as Culture, graduates can explore a range of career opportunities and upskill their current careers in disciplines including:

  • Accompanist

  • Audio technician 

  • Concert manager

  • Festival director  

  • Film scorer 

  • Music administrator

  • Music arranger                                   

  • Music composer

  • Music critic or reviewer 

  • Music producer or sound engineer 

  • Record producer or music director 

  • Performer for bands, studio and live recordings, film, theatre, television and live  events 

  • Private Music teacher 

  • School Music Teacher (Primary/Secondary)

  • Project curator 

  • Studio engineer 

  • Sound artist 

  • Touring soloist or ensemble member

Recognition of Prior Learning

Already completed tertiary studies in music or another discipline?


We can assess this previous studies for RPL and reduce the duration of your degree.

RPL ensures that you don’t need to repeat units of study that you have already completed elsewhere as part of an accredited program or part of your Professional Experience.

Up to 50% of the degree can be awarded as RPL. We also give recognition to a wide range of studies including Graded Public Exams e.g. AGME, IPVAEB, ABRSM, Trinity College London, vocational studies and other tertiary music studies.

Personal Attention

Application Process_edited.jpg

AGME's Bachelor of Music is a boutique program.  By keeping numbers low, students get individual input from lecturers and a community feel, even when studying online.  

In the last three years, we have always ensured that at no time are more than 45 students studying in the degree program.  Student enrolments have been approximately 20, 45 and 30 in respective years, depending on how many successful applications there are in any given term and graduations.  

Students Studying Overseas (TRANSNATIONAL)

Our completely online delivery method means that our students can study with us from anywhere in the world! 

Students will need to meet required audition & academic standards and have an IELTS score of band 6.0 (5.5 considered with extra assessment).

The best part is that your instrumental tuition can be delivered in person in your home country or by LIVE-Online real-time teaching.

Study from anywhere in the world

At AGME we are a global education provider. We accept domestic students from Australia and Transnational students from all countries and backgrounds. With our state of the art online courses, we provide the opportunity to study for a recognised Australian Qualification in your home country without the expense of international study or travel.

As long as you meet the required audition standard and have a TOEFL or IELT score of 577+, you can enrol you as an AGME student in our pathway and short courses listed above and work towards the degree while you study your language skills.


pathway courses

Not ready to start the Bachelor degree right away? Not a problem! Start with our licentiate or short course study options. You can specialise your study, upskill your current expertise and all options act as a pathway for RPL into the degree!

Book of Chords


Target your studies in a specific areas including Musicianship, Instrumental/Vocal Teaching and Performance Licentiate programs designed to prepare students for presenting professional, diverse and confident instrumental performances with strong leadership, organisational and collaborative skills.

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Add to your existing skills or gain knowledge in a particular musical area with our short certificate courses.

1 term subjects that allow students to study specific level certificates in Musicianship, Music Technology, Composition and Musicology.

Can be used as RPL towards further studies including the Bachelor of Music

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