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Our Bachelor of Performance Degree is the only one of its kind to be fully accredited for online delivery. 

As a registered Australian charity, we are proud to offer a highly subsidised program, while delivering a World-Class Australian Accredited and Internationally Recognised Degree.  

Key Dates 2021

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Bachelor of Music 2021


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Our Course

We offer you a tailored Bachelor of Music Degree on all western instruments, voice and traditional instruments.
You can major in Performance, Composition or Music Technology and have the option of completing a Licentiate in Teaching, Performance or Composition at the same time as their bachelor degree.  This approach broadens employment possibilities or further studies and helps to prepare you for the diverse opportunities available to professional musicians.

Choose elective pathways as diverse as Teaching, Film Composition, or North Indian Classical Music. You can craft an individual learning journey, focusing on your strengths and interests.


We can prepare you for the diverse and modular career of a musician. 

Flexible & Accessible Study

You have the flexibility to complete the course completely online, including content delivery, assignments, examinations.


We’ve also priced and structured our internationally-accredited course to make it accessible for students who couldn’t typically attend an Australian university or conservatory - whilst maintaining international quality educational experience.

To deliver our courses remotely, we use our LIVE-Online​ approach. It's a blend of high quality pre-recorded lectures and online content, mixed with real time contact with lecturers, tutors and forum discussion with other students.

LIVE-Online allows students to connect with teachers and each other wherever they are, optimised to your time zone and also to have one-on-one lessons instrumental in person if this suits your learning style best.

International Students

We accept students from all countries and backgrounds. We can enrol you in our degree, if you:

  • Meet required Audition and Academic standards

  • Have an IELTS score of band 6.0 (5.5 will be considered with additional assessment)

Your instrumental tuition can be delivered in person in your home country, or with one of our LIVE-Online expert performance tutors.  All tutors must be approved by us and hold a recognised masters degree in performance or equivalent experience. 


Performances and recital exams are pre-recorded or presented LIVE-Online to a panel of adjudicators. For Performance Major students, we provide the opportunity to perform and record your work in front of a live audience for adjudication.

Course Structure

Our course is a six-semester model covering four disciplines:

Bachelor of Music overview

download PDF of course overview structure

Subjects within the four disciplines of the course are:

  • Musicianship, Theory and Aural Studies

  • Music Technology

  • Composition

  • Business Management

  • Collaborative Music Studies

  • Music as Culture

With music performance as the core of our degree, you will have:

  • Weekly one-on-one intensive study lessons on your principal instrument

  • Opportunity to participate in masterclasses from national and international visiting artists​

  • Weekly Performance Seminar covering all aspects of performance and practice methods

  • Weekly Performance Forum to refine your performing skills, develop your stagecraft and musical voice alongside your peers.

Our electives within course units allow you to expand your knowledge in your areas of interest:

  • Choose from electives developed by leading institutions around the world

  • Some electives eligible for direct credit at institutions like School of the Art Institute Chicago (SAIC) and Columbus College of Art and Design 

We Recognise Prior Learning

If you’ve done previous studies (e.g. bachelor of music, vocational, TAFE, diploma), we can assess them so that you only study units which you haven’t done before - and you don’t need to pay for subjects you’ve already completed.

With Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): up to 50% of your degree can be recognised as complete, on the basis of your prior academic and professional work.

Please ask about RPL if this may apply to you. Assessments are made on a case-by-case basis with strict but fair criteria.


Ideally, you should send us your audition as early as possible before your start date.
Auditions take the form of a video recording (usually from your smartphone or computer) that you can upload to the Internet and submit to us when you Apply to Audition.   
Your audition will be evaluated by a panel of adjudicators. ​

If you haven’t completed formal school or graded theory exams in music, you will be required to complete a musical knowledge assessment.


​You can Graduate via Distance or attend the Annual Graduation Ceremony in Australia where you will receive your Degree in full academic dress along with fellow graduates and academic staff. 

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