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course fees
(& fee helP) 


Bachelor of Music

At AGME we're pleased to offer our students outstanding value and quality in our Bachelor of Music degree. We understand that our students' course fees are an important investment in their futures and careers in the industry. In support of that we are committed to offering value for money.


FEE-HELP is available to eligible students - Australia Citizens and Permanent Residents on Humanitarian Visas.

​The cost for a FULL-TIME Study Load for FEE-HELP students is $4,950 with the total course costing $29,700.


Students not eligible to use the Australian Government’s FEE-HELP scheme (international students and permanent residents except for those on humanitarian visas) can choose to pay their instrumental lesson fees separately making the cost A$3,300 per FULL-TIME Load Study Period plus instrumental lessons. The total course cost for Non FEE-HELP students is $19,800 plus instrumental lesson costs.


Part-time students are charged on a fractional basis, based on their Units of Study in a particular Study Period. Unit costs range from $330 per unit (Non Fee-Help) to $1320 for capstone subjects.

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Australian Students

  1. Am I eligible for FEE-HELP? 

If you meet the citizenship and residency requirements. 


A, You must be either:  an Australian citizen who will complete at least one unit of your course of study in Australia  

B,  NZ SCV holder who meets the long-term residency requirements and who is resident in Australia for the duration of your study  


  1. Will I be charged interest? 

There is no interest charged on your HELP debt but indexation will be applied to the portion of your debt that is 11 months or older on 1 June each year. Due to COVID-19, this interest fee is now waived. 


  1. How much will my loan repayments be?

The amount you repay each year is calculated as a percentage of your world-wide income. The more income you earn, the higher your repayments will be. You only start paying back your loan if worldwide income reaches $46.620 annually. 


Table below shows the repayment rate based on your annual income:


Repayment income Repayment % rate 

Below $46,620 Nil 

$46,620 - $53,826 1.0% 

$53,827 - $57,055 2.0% 

$57,056 - $60,479 2.5% 

$60,480 - $64,108 3.0% 

$64,109 - $67,954 3.5% 

$67,955 - $72,031 4.0% 

$72,032 - $76,354 4.5% 

$76,355 - $80,935 5.0% 

$80,936 - $85,792 5.5% 

$85,793 - $90,939 6.0% 

$90,940 - $96,396 6.5% 

$96,397 - $102,179 7.0%


Further information on FEE-HELP click here

Short Courses

Musicianship Certificates 1-6:   $1,490 AUD per unit


Modern Music Creation Certificates:  $990 AUD per unit


Musicology Certificates:  $990 AUD per unit

Disclaimer: Fees correct at time of publishing but may be subject to change

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