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Talk Like a Pirate Day

Make a video and help us raise money for kids in need!

Ahoy me Hearties!

The Australian Guild of Music & Speech are thrilled to have partnered with Childhood Cancer Support and Talk Like a Pirate Day, to get creative and have some fun in lockdown while we help raise money for a very special cause!

We have set up the The 'Australian Guild of Music & Speech' team, and we think you’d be a very worthy shipmate in our special pirate crew!

To join us in this great cause, sign up at:

We are inviting our crew to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day in a very special way! Perform your favourite sea shanty, pirate themed, song, poem, speech or performance of your choice. Get creative and have fun with it! Remember to record your performance and make a video! Sign up to our team page and make your very own fundraising page which you'll share with your performance online!

You can use costumes, makeup, virtual backgrounds and be as creative as you'd like! We welcome everyone to join our team no matter skill level, age or where they are located! All you have to do is give it a go and remember to tag @ausguildmusic in your video!

Please see the attached instructions from our friends at Talk Like a Pirate Day - Childhood Cancer Support for more information and a ‘how do’ guide for what to include.

Just remember to tag @ausmusicguild in your video and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Get your videos uploaded by September 20th!

Cheers Buccaneers!

CCS- TLAP Day - Aust Music Guild instruction (3)
Download PDF • 585KB


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