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ella evans

Jacinta Dinh


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I am a year 9 student at MGG, where composition is one of my hobbies along with debating, writing and reading books. I had been learning classical Violin since the age of 5, and classical piano since the age of 4, which allowed me to learn other styles as well.

This piece was inspired when I jokingly kept telling my sister she was a 'faker' when we were both messing around. Eventually, I just sung a song with a similar melody to this, and decided it would be a great composition. This piece, in my opinion, is very much 'pop music' piece, on the more brighter and more major side. The beats are highly emphasised which pumps the song up, while the melody is more syncopated. The pre-chorus is more lyrical, where the beats aren't present, just so there is diversity as well as the chorus sounds more upbeat. I envisioned a story about a girl having a relationship with a friend, where she doesn't understand that although she knows he is faking his personality she still likes him as a person. This relates to my life in ways where in situations I know someone or something is not as true as it may seem, however I ignore it.

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