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ella evans

Liesl Parnell

Frank, Fun and Quirky

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Hi I'm Liesl. I like recording things. I'm not very practised at it but composing and arranging are two of my favourite hobbies.

I wanted this composition to be a representation of everything I love about music. Everything recorded in this piece explore all my favourite genres, instrumentation, performing techniques, time signatures, and chord progressions. I wanted it to be a piece that I would want to listen to. It was ultimately written for me. That sounds kinda selfish really... but oh well.

I wanted the piece to depict what I have been feeling especially as of recently. Starting off simple and happy, then modulating to the driving relative minor section to depict the year starting to crumble, then using a picardy third(?) to transition back to everything being sort of back to normal kind of again, then the death metal section as everything falls back down again. Once that calms down to the reverb-y clean section, still sad and mellow, some more personal stuff going on, and then the final swung rock in the relative major to represent coming to accept what is.

From a recording perspective it was also important to me that everything was recorded live (i.e no MIDI tracks I could edit later) So everything you hear is recorded live by me. I really like including different styles and moods within the one piece - especially juxtaposing ones, such as an acoustic ballad to melodic death metal. I also like challenging myself by composing things that will extend my skill on instruments I am not as experienced at, such as the drums. They're always fun...

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