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ella evans

Michael de Huy

me and myself

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I'm a 17 y.o composer, improviser and pianist. I really love cooking and fermenting as hobbies other than music, as well as having a general love for many forms of art, especially visual. I also really enjoy studying literature. Huge love for discussing my interests with other likeminded people, and I really want there to be more free improvisation in the world!

A soundtrack composition among multiple conceived for a VCE art project for a friend, "me and myself" explores the magic of surreal experiences and personal spirituality enabled through internal dialogue. I express this using harmonic function reminiscent of Ravel and rootless chord voicings and shapes from Bill Evans. To create a diverse colourful sound world I used progressions based upon lydian sounds and the whole-tone scale in conjunction with mixolydian sounds. However use of ambiguous-sounding harmony such as and quartal sounds inspired by Carl Vine iterate that internal dialogue isn’t just about blissful imagination, but also that of contemplation and discovery.

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