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Ryan Holloway


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Hi! My name's Ryan Holloway (a.k.a "Sinkhole City"), I'm a multi-instrumentalist/singer/producer based in Ballarat. I'm currently working on a musical project titled "Sinkhole City", which is the name I've released my music under. I've wanted to be a musician for pretty much my whole life, but I only really started doing it seriously a couple of years ago. I love alternative-rock and electronic music, my favourite solo artist is Oliver Tree and my favourite band (at least for the moment) is Twenty One Pilots.

This is a song that I wrote a few months ago. I initially just made the beat because I liked the vinyl effect on the organ, but it became more of an alt-rock track with some electronic elements after I added the drums. I've written the song in a way that it's lyrics can be interpreted as a number of different things, but to me personally the song relates directly to my struggle with faith and, subsequently, depression amid faithlessness.

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