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ella evans

Ella Evans

Rainbow Fish

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I'm Ella and I am a currently a year 12 student at Balwyn High School. Music has always played a major role in my life. I started on piano from the age of 5 and was enrolled in the Australian Children's Choir from the age of 6. I always wanted to play the double bass and finally got to once I was tall enough, that being 10 years old, and I have loved it ever since. I never really thought much about composing until I chose to do VCE Music Styles and Composition as one of my subjects for VCE and I have come thoroughly enjoy composing and wish to explore the art find my 'sound' and refine my skills in the future. Other than music I enjoy taking my dog for walks, knitting and sleeping.

This work is inspired by the jazz composer and musician Kenny Wheeler as the basis of the piece is a repeating bass line and its is an instrumental piece as the vocal line doesn't feature any lyrics. The A section features Voice singing the main melody with drums, bass and piano providing accompaniment. I wanted to create contrast within the B section by modulating to the relative minor, F sharp, and the main melodic material is played by bass and left hand piano. The piece features an improvised vocal solo to create variation and to explore the jazz characteristics of the work.

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