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ella evans

Tom Jenkins


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I am a 17 year old Ballarat resident who attends Ballarat Clarendon College. I first started performing through school musicals in year 5 but in the last two years I have really focused more on my guitar and vocals in the pop/rock genre. I wrote my first ever composition this year and later recorded it. This song is the one I have submitted for the competition.

I used a reverberated guitar effect for the intro which created a melancholic and wistful start to the piece, which I felt suited my overall character for the composition. I aimed to gradually build up dynamically throughout the piece, with each part gaining more energy until the final chorus-and consequently the "shattering moment." My vocals also reflected this pattern, being breathy at the start to create a "fragile" vibe, complimenting my lyrics, to gradually becoming stronger, with more technical support employed to ensure that there was a clear differentiation. I hope you enjoy!

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