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ella evans

Samuel Heydon

Silver String

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Half of the seriously amateur music duo the “Co-Husbands”, halfway to an EP named something really stupid like “Pocket Church” or “Cheesy Bacon Breadbasket”. I love literature, footy, a pile of instruments that keeps getting bigger, the idea of making a short film, snorkeling around plate-sized stingrays on the coast and enough bands to hear a new song each week. A string of charity and volunteer work went swimmingly last year and I ended up building homes and farming bamboo in Cambodia surrounded by tarantulas. It’s a similar feeling to jumping off the cliffs at Blairgowrie back beach. You just sort of hold your breath and take the leap and you’re left a little bit stronger with a sweet memory. Winning Knox Council Young Citizen of the year this year left me wanting a new goal, and I’ve turned my focus to an international scholarship at Toronto University, so that I can be the first student from my school to ever study overseas.

Sounds like a slow, depressive song but is very stress relieving and empowering to play. it’s acoustic, stripped down and out of time. It’s less composition and more connection. I really just recorded audio of me playing the song with my guitar and then created atmosphere around it. It’s about really breaking free from issues at home and being my own person.

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