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ella evans

Caitlyn Bromley

Tell Me Sweet Lies

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My names Caitlyn, I'm 15 years old and I play ukulele, guitar, bass guitar and vocals. Music is a huge part of my life as it is my outlet for emotions and creativity and over the years it has given me my confidence and strength. My favorite genre of music is rock, some of my favorite artists are Green Day and YUNGBLUD.

This piece was originally something is started so I could help cope with some things. I started with this guitar riff I had in my head (the solo at the end chorus) and everything built from there. Recording the distorted guitar was my favorite part because it would always just get me so hyped and jumping around. I messed around with many drum sounds and I ended up mixing them all up together. This song reflects a harsh time after I lost a friend and things just crumbled around me, but I got a good couple of songs out of it.

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