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ella evans

Chance Fullerton

The Love of a Fallen Angel

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I'm a year 12 student attending King's College. I have been learning flute for about 6 years and have been composing for around 5. My dream is to compose music for video games, movies, tv shows, or any sort of entertainment media. Composition is one of my biggest hobbies and I hope to do this for the rest of my life.

This piece tells a story of a women who was forced into prostitution and the 'love' she had for her clients. A fallen angel is another name for a prostitute, and the love she shows is feign. Referring to the women as an angel also makes the listener empathetic to her and helps the music tell her story.

The piece is written in the phrygian mode, which gives the piece it's beautiful, yet haunting melodic and harmonic structure. The base line isn't overly repetitive, though it's repetition represents the repetitive and melancholic nature of the life she didn't choose.

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