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Junaid Eastman


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Hi i'm Junaid. I'm 15 years old and live in Melbourne. I love music and drama and have really been getting into composition in the last year or so. I play the flute and piano and have been learning for six years or so. I have also been in the John Antill Youth Band (which is part of the MYO organisation) for four or five years. I really hope to become an actor and composer in the future and until then I plan on just having fun learning as much about music as I can.

This piece was inspired by music by Todd Baker who is one of my idols you could say. I also learnt a new technique of "ducking" using side chaining. This is the most recent piece I have finished and is hopefully going to be used in my school cabaret. The cabaret is themed around the end of the world, but more of a hopeful or content end. I tried to reflect this in the piece. I also used some sounds from the ocean and rain which ended up influencing the title. (I am terrible at naming things)

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