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ella evans

Margaret Wozniak

Welcome To The End

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-I've been playing the piano since I was 2

-I am currently doing grade 8 AMEB for classical comphresive piano.

-I have been singing on stage since I was 7 and have performed at festivals, charity concerts, competitions, shopping centres, open mics and school concerts.

-I've been writing songs since I was 11 because it's like journaling in an extra creative way.

-I like books and I read excessively :)

-I used a piano introduction that leans toward a classical vibe, to set the mood for the song.

-For the verses and the bridge, I talk from a second person perspective, describing the current situation that "you're" in. Each time I go intro the chorus, I use a first person perspective to make it more personal and striking ,all the while, tieing the story into the verses and bridge.

-At the beginning of each section of the verses and bridge I begin with the word "Welcome", to signify a welcoming to a different part of the narrative/story, as if changing paragraphs in a book to welcome a change of scenery or a new event.

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