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ella evans

Jacinta Dinh


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I am a Year 9 student at MGGS, where composition is one of my hobbies along with debating, writing and reading books. I had been learning classical Violin since the age of 5, and classical piano since the age of 4, which allowed me to learn other styles as well.

I actually got the initial idea for this melody a few years ago. I was visualising a lot of Disney nostalgia, which was a big part of my childhood and especially the common moment in all movies, when the protagonist would go and sing a classic Disney song. During quarantine I revisited a lot of this nostalgia and rediscovered the melody I started for this piece. Throughout my time in lockdown I have reconstructed my original idea but continued on with the themes I primarily connected with. This piece is very much a 'wishing' and 'wondering' piece, that makes it a very expressive in a lyrical way. I wanted to build up momentum and passion throughout the piece, through dynamics and the key eventually change towards the end. As well as the fact it starts off with very simple accompaniment, then showcasing more voices, variations and complicated rhythms.

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