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The Australian Guild of Music Education offers an interesting variety of Syllabi designed to encourage and foster individual needs. Video examinations are an option to help students in distance education or who cannot make the standard exam times. Our VET and Degree courses provide students with the skills required in the music industry, or the necessary foundations leading to further education. The Guild has one of the best student to staff ratio’s in the country allowing a high student focus. The courses are affordable, modern and fresh, overseen by highly experienced music academics, professionals and leadership, including a good graduate success rate. Courses are flexible allowing students to be able to study a music degree by distance & being dedicated to music.

With over 775,000 satisfied clients and counting, the Australian Guild of Music Education is the right choice for you and/or your students.

Music and Speech Exams that fit your students’, teachers’, or your own needs

Guildmusic offers an interesting variety of Syllabi designed to encourage and foster individual needs. Video examinations are an option to help students in distance education or who can not make the standard exam times.

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  • Award Concerts for all Levels
  • Computerised Reporting
  • Video or Live Exams
  • Accredited Education Provider
  • Wide Syllabus selection
  • Free Syllabi downloads
  • Recognised Prior Learning
  • Located in 7 Countries
  • Book, previous examinations and Syllabi purchases
  • VET Level Courses
  • Higher Education Provider
  • FEE HELP available to eligible Australian students

Some of the Distance Education Features

AGME is integrating the latest and best technologies into its delivery of its online courses.

Distance students can study from home at a time that is suitable to their situation.

Lecturers and Tutors are qualified with specialisation in their Major teaching fields.

Students are given access to online libraries including a large library of technology based video webinars.

Students will receive access to cloud-based software to assist with their studies.

All students receive one-to-one private tuition. Distance students receive Live conferencing or a suitably qualified external local tutor.

All course books are online. Students get access to this for no additional fee.


"As a mother of two young children, I couldn't have imagined being able to take on studying for a Bachelor of Music degree, however with the help, guidance and constant support that I recieved from The Guild, I have now completed the course and am now able to work within the music industry; something that I have dreamt about for most of my life. As a DIstance Education student, I was still able to feel included in lessons via the online videos (both live and available to watch later) and all information and coursework was available immediately. The Bachelor of Music degree is made accessible to students of all ages over 17, locations and backgrounds. Being able to have Skype lessons made life much easier as I was able to work around my children and still have one-on-one time with lecturers. I would highly recommend The Guild to anyone wanting to further their study of music, as John Lennon said "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality". Let the Guild help you turn your dreams into a reality, the way they did mine."
"As a student who has recently completed the full-time Diploma of Music course offered by the AGM:ED, I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in furthering their musical education without wanting, or not being able to attend the facility on a regular basis. I do not feel that I have been disadvantaged to a great degree by being an isolated/remote student. Although I feel that it would be advantageous on a practical side to have some on-hand assistance in addition to what is provided through the monthly submission of videotapes to the AGM:ED, the fact that I have been able to complete the course successfully without any other assistance at all is proof that it can be done. I am completely satisfied with the outcome of my studies with the AGM:ED and find no reason to fault the course in any way. Course content is highly satisfactory, and the delivery of lectures is professional and appropriate. The lecturers and tutors and the AGM:ED are also extremely helpful and approachable. I have no hesitation in recommending the AGM:ED Diploma of Music course." Student graduated - R. Merritt
"Course is quite comprehensive. Instructors are of a very high quality. Studying via distance education gave me the flexibility to juggle work and other studies while completing my BMus. The course was well structured. Having previously completed my diplomas (AAGM in 2005, LAGM TD in 2007, A Mus Th AGM in 2008, Lic Mus Th AGM in 2009) I thought I had some idea of what to expect. The course exceeded my expectations." Student graduated in 2008 - B. Grgic
B. GrgicStudent (Degree)
"I found the course to be exceptional. The curriculum is well- designed. It gave me a good foundation in music. The course has helped me to develop my teaching and academic knowledge that has served me successfully in my chosen profession as a Music Teacher." Student graduated in 2008 - N. Chen
N. ChenStudent (Degree)
"The AGME Bachelor Course is a comprehensive course covering a wide range of performance and theoretical aspects. While based on traditional music performance and education methods, it also incorporates aspects of contemporary performance, arrangement and recording techniques. Students are prepared well for further study. It is well structured and easy to navigate as an online student. The academic and administrative staff are always extremely helpful and considerate of students’ individual needs. Feedback is prompt and readily available." Student graduated in 2013
J. HaskellStudent (Degree)
"I have been a student at the Australian Guild of Music and enrolled in the Bachelor of Music fulltime via distance education since March of 2012. Prior to enrolling, I looked into a few different Universities; however The Guild was the only Higher Education Institution that were able to offer me the quality music education that I was looking for as a mature aged student. I first heard about the Guild through a good friend who is a musician. I then got on the AGMED internet site and contacted the Guild the very next day to begin my journey in to higher education. This was the start of an amazing journey filled with quality teaching, learning experiences and the creation of the finest memories and friendships that I could ever hope for. I have since completed the Bachelor of Music 2014 and I am so grateful that I took the step to study with the Australian Guild of Music. I have gained so much knowledge, skill and experience in all keys areas of music, and I feel so honoured to have been taught by some of the finest and most educated lecturers that Australia has to offer. The lecturers at the Guild were always able to supply me with quality feedback and ongoing support, which in turn gave me the motivation and determination I needed to keep going. All employees at the Guild know all their students by first and last names, which really says a lot about just how important all their students are. Since completing the Bachelor, I have been accepted into the Master of Teaching Degree Secondary which will commence in February 2015 at the University of New England. I also have my own business “You’re the Voice Singing Academy”, whereby I have gained many more students due to the education at the Guild. I owe a lot to the Australian Guild of Music Education, because without the Bachelor of Music, I would not have achieved any of my goals or my dreams. I believe that students should be able to enrol in the Bachelor of Music Degree at the Guild for years to come, simply because it is a fantastic course that gives student’s the knowledge and opportunity to really excel in music, something that only the Guild can offer. Thank you kindly," Student graduated in 2014 - J. Giardina
J. GiardinaStudent (Degree)
"The degree course, I found was great as you get to learn everything rather than majoring in a particular subject area. I enjoyed this course and would recommend for students in the future esp. any who might not be as academic as others such as myself. I enjoyed my time at the Guild, all staff were helpful and friendly as well as the students. When you need help with anything, lecturers were always there to help. The only downfall about the time there is not having enough wind players, to be able to play in ensembles with a variety of instruments that I would have benefited from, but I made do with the students who were there and played in community orchestras and concert bands." Student graduated in 2014 - N. Louis
N. LouisStudent (Degree)

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