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Upskill and kick start your music career with our industry leading courses covering 4 major disciplines needed for a career in the music industry.

Apply for the Bachelor of Music or jump into our pathway course options including the Diploma, Licentiate and Short Course Certificates.

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Music & Speech Examinations


Exams that put students first. Found in 1969 out of the London College of Music, we offer graded exams in Music and Speech starting from preliminary, steps and grades, through to Licentiate and Public Performance Diplomas.

Exams are held through the year either online or live. We also accept other syllabi or have our own to download for free! 

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Apply today for the Bachelor of Music - Term starts January 24th 2022

Violin Players


Established in AGME is a boutique tertiary education provider and music and speech examinations board providing opportunities for both Australian domestic students and international students from over 8 countries.

Specialising in online/distance learning with a focus on pragmatic career skills required for success in the music industry our fully accredited Bachelor of Music sets up to achieve their music goals. 

With a focus on flexibility and online options for Australian and International students, AGME music & speech examinations provide students with an experienced and easy to use way to achieve and build on their skills.

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AGME is the most experienced provider of distance learning & examining in Music and Speech in Australia and South-East Asia. We are an education charity that embraces inclusivity, leadership & flexibility with our Student First philosophy.

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Learn from leading industry professionals and musicians who have a passion for what they teach. Our academic team, management team and committees are made up of passionate, professional leaders in the education and arts sectors.


Leading edge academic course with a practical focus to equip students for music teaching and the business side of the arts and entertainment industry. Fully Accredited by TEQSA


Flexible full-time and part-time study options available anywhere in the world using leading edge online platforms. We use in-person, pre-recorded and LIVE-Online methods with lectures and masterclasses. We partner with top international institutions for content and assessment.


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